Why UX is the future of the mobile operating system - with Chameleon creator Gabor Vida

User interface and user experience are market makers in the mobile industry. This can be in the seamless way Apple has made the app, music, magazine and movie purchasing process. This can be in the elegance of the swipe or the way the background shades or the icons pop. Good UI and UX is something you feel, something akin to an emotion.

When UI and UX is good it makes us want to use it and, for the most part, the operating systems we use today are more functional than pretty - that is until Chameleon arrives.

Created by Teknision, the team that brought us the BlackBerry PlayBook user interface and experience, Chameleon is a KickStarter-funded project that brings the power of great UI/UX to an area that is sorely needed - Android tablets.

Teknision CEO Gabor Vida explains the reasons behind getting into this space, the importance of great UI to create desire, his methodology for building Chameleon and even some insight into why he chose Kickstarter - for funding as well as market validation.

If this is something you want, why not support Gabor by contributing to his Kickstarter campaign here.

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