Namaste Yoga 133 Beginners Series Twists with Dr Melissa West
This week we are working with twists. Twists are beneficial for releasing tension both physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Twists increase the spinal flexibility and thus are often used as preparatory poses for backbends and other yoga postures. Twists are stimulating and are known to create heat or fire in your body and thus stimulate digestion and relieve constipation. They are also incredibly beneficial for your internal organs, massaging them bringing fresh, oxygen-rich blood to them as well as squeezing and remove excess toxins. Our focus in today’s class will be to not get “a head” of ourselves. Focus on keeping your head in line with the rest of your spine and body. Your neck is far more flexible than the rest of your spine, so a great deal of focus is required to move evenly through your whole spine. This, as it turns out is a metaphor for life that we will explore through the whole class. Props needed 1 block, blanket, bolster. Thank you for leaving your comments on Youtube and Rating us on Itunes. Thank you for making us Canada’s Most Popular Free One Hour Online Yoga Show!

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Namaste Yoga with Dr Melissa West

Melissa West is a yoga instructor who helps people to surrender to peace in their lives by connecting to the vital energy within their body through breath, cultivating optimal functional movement by harnessing the power of gravity and increase overall mobility by creating more suppleness in the spine.