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Sarah Beldum sent in this link:

According to data from Statcounter - Google Chrome overtakes Internet Explorer as the Web's most used browser.

Sony releases 'Music Unlimited' Spotify competitor as iOS app - streaming service.

Uberconference debuted today as a new interface for conference calls - it's free, no PINs, visual dashboard, automatic authentication, easy indication as to who needs to be muted:

Tron Uprising Vol 1 currently free in iTunes:

YouTube users upload 72 hours of video every minute.

Most users don't use multiple monitors.

Sam Durham asked:
I'm about to buy the new iPad and I don't know whether to get a white or black one.

TheAnnoyingLife from asked:

DJ Scooby Doo from asked:

@ninjeex on YouTube said:
windows 8 sucks. linux is the way now

do you dye your hair?

Kiryu13 on asked:

Michael Sitver from asked:
Do you have any titling tricks for your videos? How do you decide what goes in the description and what keywords to use? Do you max out your keywords or just use a few?

@phototristan on YouTube asked:
Can you do a video of a drive-by of Bill Gates house?

@itsDoubleAA10 from YouTube asked:
Do you think Android is going to become less open, because of the malware problems?

@MomoMaxedOut from YouTube asked:
I remember when you made a video about how much you hated jump cuts, am I missing something?

@MineColbyCraft from YouTube asked:
Got any tips for building a computer.

Have you tried GoToAssist?

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