AppAdvice Daily: Appisode 628

The iPhone event is only days away, but we can't lose our focus! There are still tons of great new apps hitting the App Store, so today we've rounded up the best of the week. Starmatic: If you're looking for a new social camera app, Starmatic might be your answer. But, how does it compare with Instagram, which already dominates the market? Watch the show to find out. BookBuddy: If you like to read, real books that is, you know, the paper ones - then BookBuddy will be your best friend. Easily scan your collection in, remember who you borrowed, or lent books to and even use it as a reminder for books you want to read in the future. Plus if you watch the show you'll find out how to win a free download. Weathercube: Finally, we wrap up the show with our App of the Week, Weathercube. This cube-tastic weather app will have you spinning through the weather faster than a storm goes through Los Angeles. Weathercube has a beautiful design that most anyone will love, because it makes getting the weather fun.

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