Episode 154 of The 47th Floor

Wendelin Von Schroder plays Alara Pax. Rachel Helson plays plays Raven Brock. Directed by Alyssa Rallo Bennett. Photography by Noah Yuan-Vogel. Edited by Corey Camperchioli. Music by Kyle Rowland. Created & Written by Gary O. Bennett. Produced by Alyssa Rallo Bennett. In association with the NYU Tisch School of Arts Drama & the Stonestreet Screen Acting Workshop.

The 47th Floor

The 47th Floor is the only HISTORICAL SCI-FI series on the internet based on true stories. Writer/Creator/Producer Gary O. Bennett weaves true facts from current and past history all the way back to the Nagasaki bomb. Scientific possibilities have occurred due to radioactive fallout that has affected survivors of the bomb and their offspring.